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About Us

Our mission is to serve small and mid-sized government contractors.

Every day, small and mid-sized contractors face countless challenges when competing for, or performing on, federal contracts. However, finding affordable legal counsel should not be one of them. Our firm’s ethos is to provide cost effective legal representation to small and mid-sized government contractors.

Matross Edwards started as a bid protest litigation boutique and since then, we have expanded our services to include a broad range of issues in business, government contracts, and cybersecurity law. Our primary goals are to help small and mid-sized government contractors grow their business, to resolve issues as they arise, and to preserve your relationships with agencies and partners.

Focus & Approach

As a federal procurement and cybersecurity law firm with roots inside the DC Beltway, we are uniquely situated to provide distinctive legal services to government contractors. We aspire to be the "go-to" law firm for small and mid-size businesses with respect to their  most significant  and  complex matters  involving the laws and regulations of federal procurement.


We focus on matters that require extensive federal government contracts expertise, practical, cost-conscious solutions, and the preservation of our clients' existing relationships with agencies and partners. Our focus on building relationships also drives our approach to delivering legal services. 


Our approach is simple:

First, we listen. The world of federal contracting is complex, so we take time to understand the problem. Second, we tailor. Each client matter is unique, so we take a holistic approach in developing our strategy (this may include, for example, advising a client to walk away from filing a bid protest). Third, we collaborate. We have found that our clients are best served when a team of attorneys (and other professionals) collectively work to solve our clients' problems. Fourth, we focus on value. As a boutique law firm, we understand that our clients demand cost-conscious solutions, so we have adopted a flexible approach toward structuring our fee arrangements (hourly, flat rate, hybrid, monthly, contingency).


Lastly, we recognize that each new client or matter requires careful thought and attention, so we limit the number and type of matters we undertake (in addition to using a collaborative method). In some cases, we may decide the best approach is to co-counsel with or refer clients to a trusted law firm or other industry professional––both outside and inside the Beltway––whose particularized experience would be beneficial to the client.