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ALERT M|E: Section 809 Panel Published Volume 3 of its Report

Today, the Section 809 Panel published Volume 3 of its Report of the Advisory Panel on Streamlining and Codifying Acquisition Regulations. The Panel's 58 recommendations cover a variety of issues, but a quick read reveals some interesting ideas regarding bid protests and debriefings:

– "Rec. 66: Establish a purpose statement for bid protests in the procurement system to help guide adjudicative bodies in resolving protests consistent with said purpose and establish a standard by which the effectiveness of protests may be measured."

– "Rec. 67: Reduce potential bid protest processing time by eliminating the opportunity to file a protest with the COFC after filing at the GAO and require the COFC to issue a decision within 100 days of ordering a procurement be delayed." (no "second bite" protests)

– "Rec. 68: Limit the jurisdiction of GAO and COFC to only those protests of procurements with a value that exceeds, or are expected to exceed, $75,000."

– "Rec. 69: Provide as part of a debriefing, in all procurements where a debriefing is required, a redacted source selection decision document and the technical evaluation of the vendor receiving the debriefing."

Volume 3 Report: https://section809panel.org/volume-3-report/

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