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GovConJudicata 2019: Thank You for Your Readership!

45th Post + 17 Weekly Debriefs = 62 Pieces of Content for GovCons!

It was a busy, inaugural year for GovConJudicata.  The blog started with a simple mission: to provide news, insights, and legal analysis to the government contracting space.

In August, I launched the GovConJudicata Weekly Debrief series to keep you current with govcon news around the DC Beltway and beyond.

Tomorrow, I will officially [re]launch CyberJudicata as a stand-alone blog that will focus on providing news, insights, and legal analysis to the cybersecurity and privacy space.

I'm looking forward to providing more content in 2020, including on Twitter/Twitter!

Thank you for your readership!



To see all of GovConJudicata's 2019 posts, visit the original post here.

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