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Joshua Duvall's Webinar on Debriefings, Bid Protests Covered by AFCEA's SIGNAL Magazine

AFCEA International's SIGNAL Magazine recently covered Joshua Duvall's webinar on Debriefings, Bid Protests, and Small Business Regulatory Updates for the the AFCEA Small Business Committee ("SBC").

In the article, Post-Bid Activities as Vital as Preparation, SIGNAL provided a snapshot of Josh's presentation, highlighting important aspects of debriefings and bid protests. "Always request a debriefing, win or lose, he stated . . . and if a firm is considering protesting an award, it should carefully weigh several factors before committing to a protest, Duvall offered. Firms can protest through the Government Accountability Office (GAO), the U.S. Court of Federal Claims (COFC) and the procuring agency, depending on the bid. The GAO can only make recommendations to federal agencies, which often follow them."

For more information on the webinar, including resources, visit the firm's announcement.

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