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Weekly Debrief (6/1–5)

This week's Weekly Debrief covers the PPP, IT modernization, the DoD/CMMC-AB MOU, a ransomware hits a Maryland defense contractor, IRS workforce returning, DoD turning to gaming developers for training, and SOCOM's new PEO for software/AI.  


USA Today – Senate passes fixes to Paycheck Protection Program designed to keep small business afloat during coronavirus

  • "The Senate Wednesday passed legislation giving thousands of restaurants, nail salons and other small businesses greater access to the Paycheck Protection Program, the federal lifeline designed to help them stay afloat during the coronavirus pandemic."

IT Modernization

NextGov – Lawmaker Wants Hard Details on Agencies’ Plans to Upgrade Legacy IT

  • ​"While legacy IT issues have plagued federal agencies for years, the current COVID-19 crisis has exacerbated those issues and at least one lawmaker wants to know what agencies are doing about it."

FederalNewsNetwork – How much is enough for IT modernization?

  • ​"Democrats have used the pandemic to push for an order of magnitude jump in spending on agency technology modernization. You can see why. The government’s systems tend to hiccup in crises. Look at how much trouble the Small Business Administration had with its E-Tran system when hit with millions of applications all at once. Banking Journal reported that SBA blocked use of robotic processing automation for loan applications because of the burden they put on E-Tran."


FedScoop – Here’s what’s in the CMMC Accreditation Body’s memo of understanding

  • ​"For months, there have been questions over what exactly is in the document defining the relationship between the Department of Defense and the Cybersecurity Maturity Model CertificationAccreditation Body (CMMC AB)."

FCW – Ransomware attack hits federal IT contractor

  • ​"Digital Management LLC (DMI), a Maryland-based IT professional services contractor that has done business with NASA and a number of other federal agencies, appears to have been hit with a ransomware attack."


FederalTimes – IRS to recall second and third waves of workers this month

  • ​"Some Internal Revenue Service employees across nine states and commonwealths will be asked to return to the office in June to perform essential work for the agency that cannot be done virtually."


Game Industry – DoD To Explain How To Earn Government Contracts at Serious Play Conference

  • ​"Game developers and instructional designers have the opportunity to apply for funding from the federal government to produce new technology the military can use for training. Serious Play Conference ONLINE speakers will discuss what the DOD needs and how to apply on June 23-25, 2020."

C4ISRnet – Special Operations Command is reorganizing to focus on software and AI

  • ​"Special Operations Command has formally created a new program executive office that is dedicated to software June 1.The command’s head of acquisitions said the organization is reorganizing as it shifts its focus to software-defined systems and artificial intelligence."

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