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Weekly Debrief (7/6–10)

This week's Weekly Debrief covers robotic automation for VA's EHR system, DoD's $7b household goods contract, Space Force's polar communications system, CISA's plans for securing industrial control systems, and CMMC in GSA's STARS III governmentwide contract.


NextGov – VA Wants to Automate Digitization of its 5-Mile-High Electronic Health Record Backlog

  • ​"The Veterans Affairs Department is on the cusp of deploying a massive electronic health records system and wants to know if robotic automation can help. The VA originally planned to deploy the first instance of the new EHR system at the Mann-Grandstaff Medical Center in Spokane, Washington, this past March."


FNN – DoD’s $7B household goods contract takes an even stranger turn

  • ​"U.S. Transportation Command has provided new details to support the highly-unusual decision it made last week when it re-awarded its $7.2 billion Global Household Goods contract (GHC) to the same vendor — just two weeks after had it pledged to take corrective action on the contested procurement."

C4ISRNet – Space Force’s stopgap polar communications system passes another milestone

  • ​"The U.S. Space Force’s stopgap Arctic communications system has passed another major milestone, with it’s Control and Planning Segment (CAPS) ground system passing a critical design review.The Space and Missile Systems Center said officials completed a “delta critical design review” of Enhanced Polar System Recapitalization’s (EPS-R) CAPS design June 25.

NBC News – Thousands of contracts highlight quiet ties between Big Tech and U.S. military

  • ​"Over the past two years, thousands of tech company employees have taken a stand: they do not want their labor and technical expertise to be used for projects with the military or law enforcement agencies. Knowledge of such contracts, however, hasn’t been easy for tech workers to come by."


NextGov – Where CISA’s Plan for Securing Industrial Control Systems Intersects with Private-Sector Liability Protections

  • ​"The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s newly released strategy to invest in technology to protect industrial control systems from cyberattacks relies on private-sector entities sharing information about risks they face with the government but doesn’t include liability protections companies are asking for in exchange."

FCW – CMMC requirements show up in GSA’s STARS III contract

  • ​"New Department of Defense contractor cybersecurity standards have tip-toed into a governmentwide federal contract, even before language around the new program has officially landed in defense contracts."

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