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Weekly Debrief (8/17–21)

This week's Weekly Debrief covers the Space Force, NSA's tips to limit location data exposure, and cyber threat information sharing in a 5G world.


DefenseNews – The Pentagon’s new space organizations start to take shape as leadership comes onboard

  • "Gen. James Dickinson on Aug. 20 took the reins of U.S. Space Command, becoming the second-ever leader of the organization and the first Army officer to hold the position."

SpaceNews – As he welcomes new space commander, Esper warns of threats to U.S. satellites

  • "Defense Secretary Mark Esper on Aug. 20 presided over a ceremony at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado, where Space Force Gen. John “Jay” Raymond relinquished command of U.S. Space Command and handed it over to Army Gen. James Dickinson.In remarks at the ceremony, Esper said U.S. Space Command — a military combatant command established a year ago after being deactivated for 17 years — will play a central role in national security defending U.S. satellites from foreign threats."


NextGov – NSA Offers Tips To Limit Location Data Exposure

  • ​"Recent guidance from the National Security Agency describes steps Defense Department and National Security Systems users should take to limit exposure of location data from devices like cell phones and smart watches."


FNN – Rise of 5G drives intelligence community to refine cyber threat information sharing practices

  • "The rise of next-generation 5G capabilities will enable data speeds 100 times faster than current-generation 4G networks and a foundation to connect millions of Internet of Things-enabled devices. But while 5G could have major implications for the economy, intelligence and cybersecurity agency officials warn that moving more core functions to the edge of networks could create a larger attack surface for adversaries and introduce more vulnerabilities into agency systems, the defense industrial base and national critical infrastructure."

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